Customs Service.

LogAsia is your trusted partner for seamless cross-border trade with expert customs solutions.

Our Customs Expertise.

At LogAsia, we have extensive professional experience and a deep understanding of Vietnamese customs regulations. Our team remains updated on the latest circulars and guiding documents related to commodity policies, duties, taxes, and HS codes for import and export cargo, enabling us to provide efficient customs clearance services.

Swift and Adaptable Customs Solutions.

Our dedication to customs excellence means we offer the fastest and most flexible customs clearance services. Our expert team, well-versed in Vietnamese law and customs procedures, streamlines processes, ensuring seamless cross-border goods movement. Rely on LOGASIA SCM CO., LTD for your customs service needs and discover the advantages of a knowledgeable and responsive partner.

Customs Clearance Services.

- Customs clearance for import and export cargo.
- Determination of cargo customs value.
- Checking HS code.
- Classification of cargo.
- Determination of the taxes and duties.
- Export/import license for controlled items.Payment of customs fees on behalf of customers.
- Customs procedures temporarily imported for re-export, temporary export for re-import shipment.
- Customs procedures for cargo from bonded warehouses.
- Customs procedures for transit cargo.Customs procedures for Dangerous Goods.


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